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Kamera Love

It was a cold, foggy, and somewhat red night. I was sitting around, minding my own business.

Sorting through my files, I saw a picture I drew as a kindergartener. I stared at it in glee, and forgot the rest of the world.

Then, as I started to remember I was sitting in an office chair, I saw something from the corner of my eye, staring at me and mocking me.

It was a floating camera! What was I to do? I jumped in horror and stared in blank confusion.

I drew closer and stared in the dark, black hole of a lens.

I put my eye to the lens all the way, to see if I was only hallucinating.

I wasn't. I jumped back and wondered, "What is going on in this world of floating cameras and enormous pictures on journals?" I could only begin to imagine what this meant.

I figured, maybe my house was haunted. I ducked and tried to hide from the camera, but I knew it would find me.

I eventually came back, to take a second look.

The camera seemed to be not harmful at all. Still staring it down, in case of any rapid attacks it may make, I backed away.

I came to befriend this strange, airbourne contraption hovering before my very eyes. "Finally," I thought to myself, "a friend of my own..."

"...maybe even... a lover." I tried to kiss my camera and express my love.

The camera turned towards the door and ran in full fear, scared of my deadly kiss.

And that was the last I had seen of it...

The Fucking End
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