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Gays and Leasbians >_>

I was pretty upset the other day because this girl (who is my friend) found out that I was lesbian. She freaked out and said she was scared of me and hid from me. It was saddening for me. I'm used to reactions like that from people I don't know, but when your friend does it...I don't know I thought she'd be more understanding and all...

Although later that day she came to me and told me how sorry she was, and in her country (somewhere in Korea) gays and lesbians are against the law. She said she had never been around people like me. So, it was a bit scary for her. I was very proud of her and it made me think of all those people in the world that don't even try to understand gay people (Especially when you live in communist countries like China or Cuba). She really put out an effort to try and do this and for that I am very proud of her and glad to have her as a friend.

I thought I'd share that with you guys. To show that there are actually kind people in this world.
I hope you don't mind.
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