if being yourself means being "weird"

then fuck what they say. They'll get over it.

because "all you nonconformists are all the same"
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Kiara here, otherwise known as poornailbunny, and first of all i'd like to welcome you to attackthelabels...

This community is for those who don't make themselves a walking advertisement for the seasons latest brands, styles, or hairdos.
they are themselves
they arn't prepackaged.

oh, and they dont spend 25$ for something at hot topic that they can make themselves for a dollar ninety-nine.

You may post anything you want here, as long as it isnt:
-"hey, im hot, horny, and want some good head. oooh ooh baby"
-"you are an idiot. just shut the fuck up you bitch"
-"sdfgh latrhfglr lhjrgf blagb jh bnftg"

all im saying is treat others with respect. If you have a band out there you want to promote, a poem or picture you want to post, a joke, or you just want to bitch and complain, go RIGHT AHEAD.

just be yourself.
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